Are you looking for stories for your children, yourself, or your community that awaken Inspiration and Beauty into Life?

Stories have the power to Inspire and Create our children’s inner life and the world around them.  The quality of the stories we tell to our children and to ourselves determine the quality of our Inspiration and the Creative Power it gives us to shape our world.

StoryYoga provides free narrated audio-video stories and other resources that aim to awaken more Beauty, Light, Truth, Peace, Unity and Love into the world – for your children and everyone.

We hope you will enjoy these stories and share them with those in your life – children, adults, community groups and anyone who wishes to build a world of Harmony and Peace – or who simply need to feel an Inner Smile again!

Click below on the image to watch the video story you wish to see!

Yaroslava’s Flowers — Story by Noel Parent, Illustrations by Pankhuri Singh, Narrated by Marlenka


Julia’s Smile — Story by Noel Parent, Narrated by Marlenka


Laney’s Friends — Story by Noel Parent, Narrated by Marlenka


FlutePlayerImage - klimkin pixabay
The Legend of the Flute Player — Story by Noel Parent, Narrated by Marion Meakin


Just wait!….. More videos to come shortly!!


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